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safe1881051 artist:yakovlev-vad554 star swirl the bearded2158 twilight sparkle322242 alicorn257081 bear1816 big cat1241 lion576 pony1227145 unicorn402537 cute223061 eye clipping through hair9215 female1518783 glowing eyes12831 glowing horn23250 horn101643 magic81641 mare567532 mare in the moon1886 moon26306 night30410 pillow20928 pillow fort91 plushie26927 quill2923 scroll3658 shadow creature39 solo1197032 teddy bear1535 telekinesis31768 twiabetes13199 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133601 writing1310


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Kingpin Lurker
Dear prinsess Luna.
First I want to say that I really respect of your work. But, if this is possible, may I ask to observe me with a bit less of…. fanaticism?^^
Your eyes at everywhere really makes me feel uncomfortable^^
With best wishes. Your Twilight Sparkle.
  • Whos eyes? 0_o
Because no one bothered to post the artist description.
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Artist -

Creature of the night.
I’m speechless….it’s….it’s freaking spectacular beyond!😍  
It’s got this echanting feel like no other!