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Yes, I know that’s not the exact line in the original game, but it’s the name of the original artwork this is based on (linked below).
Original image by Ardail:  

Rendered with 5 4K renders @ 256 DoF samples  
30 lights used in this scene (5 volumetrics)
Models used:
made using the ReVAmped source files by AeridicCore:
- [DL/Overhaul] ReVAmped Ponies / V6
- [DL/NSFW] ReVAmped Anthros
Clothes are drawn with a Wacom Intuos PT S in Photoshop CC 2019
safe1948664 artist:ardail293 artist:imafutureguitarhero405 earth pony351931 anthro310601 2d to 3d42 3d99841 :p11922 absurd resolution70761 belly button94250 belt7547 blaze (coat marking)2622 border250 breasts336644 chromatic aberration1763 cleavage40356 clothes550743 coat markings8725 costume34780 crossover68406 cute232439 dead tree415 dead trees14 epona545 eponadorable59 eyeshadow21961 facial markings3815 female1581874 film grain357 fire13461 forest12594 lidded eyes38189 looking at you212915 makeup30105 mare605555 mask8538 midriff21430 moon27696 night32173 nintendo3761 off shoulder1453 outdoors15664 paintover87 recursive fanart38 revamped anthros1133 revamped ponies513 short shirt1931 signature34287 skirt47322 skull kid33 socks (coat markings)5105 solo1248118 source filmmaker58329 tanktop9417 the legend of zelda3841 the legend of zelda: majora's mask353 tongue out126546 torn clothes5877 tree40297


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