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Seductive Twilight at dusk.

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suggestive135356 artist:shadowboltsfm482 twilight sparkle291803 alicorn211179 anthro245853 plantigrade anthro29976 3d69949 4k1543 beautiful5254 black nail polish78 blender5690 breasts260997 butt46993 dock46765 female1305563 large butt15048 lens flare1706 looking at you156862 looking back53393 looking back at you13062 nail polish7325 nudity350982 ocean5840 rear view11017 seductive1990 smiling230386 smirk11817 stupid sexy twilight896 sunset4994 twibutt5112 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119945 underboob3750 wet7608 wings93173


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Artist -

Just look at the hair of her mane and tail ! They're made of clearly separate strands of hair ! The tail is exaggerated in size, but can't call that a bad thing. Those hairs most likely took the lion share of the rendering time.

Then the wings ! Way more realistic even for a 3D piece !

And the real treat: her ass ! <3 On the larger side, but nothing too big. A good day to be an assman.

What's not to love :D
Background Pony #7270
Another reminder of my desire to shove my face into Twilight's rear, as if I didn't have enough of those already!