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Another ponified Calvin and Hobbes comic.

This one I didn't really put as much effort in, I got lazy during the process and this is technically my first comic drawing so it took more out of me than I'm willing to admit. If you look closely, you can see a bit of the mess I made in spots. Oh well, I was more into the joke anyway.
safe1588251 artist:zhaozoharex17 diamond tiara9681 silver spoon6174 earth pony206436 pony860070 blatant lies1195 calvin and hobbes103 colored17822 comic101572 diamond tiara is not amused6 duo50746 female1228615 filly59984 flat colors1860 glasses55334 high res22508 jewelry53213 laughing7250 letter2899 missing cutie mark4046 mouth hold15572 mouth writing12 necklace15890 pearl necklace1028 pencil3320 ponytail15989 simple background349841 white background87456


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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I comment unfunny jokes
Yeah I mostly just did this for fun and honestly didn't put much effort into it. I'm not used to comics and, let's face it, I can never match a legend.