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My Little Pony: Pony Life — theme song

4/4 | 123bpm | C major

Composed by Jess Furman and Ethan Roberts

Lauren Dyson — Lead singer
Andrea Libman — Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy
Ashleigh Ball — Applejack and Rainbow Dash
Tabitha St Germain — Rarity
Rebecca Shoichet — Twilight Sparkle

It's sweet life Silly a little messy, magic life Full of surprises, fast life (Rarity: Gaze upon my gems!) It's a fun life 'Cause we got each other It's a cute life Livin' life in our own way Come on grab a slice of cake (Mane Six: It's a sweet, magic, fast, posh, fun, cute) Pony Life! A sweet surprise in every bite Friendship, rainbows, whoo, alright! (Mane Six: It's a sweet, magic, fast, posh, fun, cute) Pony Life! Pony Life!
safe1583850 applejack159617 fluttershy199432 gummy4852 pinkie pie204129 rainbow dash220604 rarity170794 spike74361 twilight sparkle283402 alicorn199045 alligator722 butterfly6422 dragon48775 earth pony204986 pegasus246397 pony854484 unicorn272880 my little pony: pony life3943 animated92767 apple14883 food62021 mane seven5922 mane six29637 music2566 my little pony logo3419 sound7248 stars13809 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116008 webm10779 youtube banner14


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I don't get why Rarity is the only one that gets a line in this song. They could have done the "big adventure, tons of fun, a beautiful heart, etc." thing from the FiM intro.