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"You tiny Smash fighters make my breast go bouncy bouncy!" (This is something I would imagine Derpy would say if this happened.)

Super Smash Derpy…don't take that made up title in a different way O_O

There have been MANY stages made still up to this day where players continue to make stages in Smash Ultimate where they take place on a giant girl's rack, butt, or a couple other weird, but brave cases, directly inside of their stomach or on top of their feet. These stage are out of control, but very creative regardless. Sakurai-san blessed us well. So Derpy is definitely one of those very lovable types that would welcome anyone, especially with her clumsiness and derpy shenanigans. I had a thought of making either her or Lyra anthro pets of humans as I believe, personally speaking, would fit in well in a human home while undergoing daily shenanigans with a child owner as seen in several children's cartoons.
suggestive135372 artist:tenebrousmelancholy142 derpy hooves49079 pegasus266293 pony905686 anthro245908 between breasts807 big breasts76075 blushing186590 breasts261120 busty derpy hooves1596 cleavage32888 clothes435951 digital art15918 female1305782 fight5947 ganondorf123 giant anthro332 giant derpy hooves71 giant pegasus246 giant pony4424 jiggle1595 jiggling breasts5 laughing7530 macro10402 micro8651 on breast3 open mouth133576 super smash bros.1102 super smash bros. ultimate168 the legend of zelda3514 tiny human12


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