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I'm vaguely amused by how often Celestia is given these proportions when humanized.
suggestive132453 artist:ss2sonic398 princess celestia91107 rarity173603 spike75679 anthro239745 bedroom eyes54717 big breasts73582 blushing182261 boob squish1207 breasts253691 busty princess celestia9581 cleavage32193 clothes425219 cuckolding696 cuckquean284 erect nipples9290 evening gloves7796 female1284545 flirting1364 grin34546 hair over one eye8375 heart44554 hug26131 looking at you152240 male343152 nervous5275 netorarity19 smiling224155 spikelestia230 straight127647 stupid sexy spike160 sweat24187 wide eyes16341


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Also, the whole aspect of Celestia being this way when anthro/humanized is due to her often being dressed like depictions of Greek Gods and Goddesses, who often wore very little clothing and women who had large busts were often considered "blessed by the gods" so it was silly to keep them hidden or be ashamed about them.

It also helps she's 1,000+ years old and probably has few inhibitions in private.
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according to faust and the MLP hasbro youtube spikes profile it says Celestia raised spike and help him with the mysterious fire magic that he has. Taught him how to send letters.

I don't know how but she did.