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safe1586407 artist:t72b530 starlight glimmer44582 twilight sparkle283795 pony856601 unicorn273888 alternate hairstyle24814 book30776 clothes414670 crown14553 double facehoof60 facehoof1662 female1199997 glimglam33 head in hooves36 historical roleplay starlight28 jewelry53079 magic66558 mare426904 niccolò machiavelli10 regalia16950 simple background349103 the prince5 white background87248


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Twilight! Don't hire mercenaries, they're detrimental to Repubic of Florance. Also bring back the Republic of Florance you filthy mon*rch!
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It is better to be feared than friendshipped, but it is best to be feared and friendshipped.