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safe1948312 artist:howxu651 applejack186472 fluttershy235993 pinkie pie236825 rainbow dash257346 rarity201391 twilight sparkle330250 equestria girls231078 axe1933 boxes220 cap5732 chibi16369 clipboard1513 clothes550594 comments locked down368 coronavirus858 covid-19792 cute232402 face mask841 featured image1048 female1581522 firefighter235 food stand54 graveyard of comments236 hat106682 helmet13287 humane five4806 humane six4549 lab coat2553 mask8532 nurse2470 nurse outfit958 pants18440 police officer895 police uniform628 post office297 raricop20 researcher9 scientist439 shoes48378 shorts16905 sitting77191 surgical mask225 text74634 weapon36123 worker26



vacant expression
In all seriousness, I agree. I like this picture very much. It’s very cute. I especially think it’s hilarious that Pinkie Pie’s crate literally just says, “Food!” although it might be even funnier if the word “heck” was censored as “h*ck”.
MoonGazer Lunarium

Luna Fanboy
Where’s the construction worker?  
We’re still considered essential in many states because we are the ones who repair all the damage after the riots……  
Background Pony #D799
And yes, police is also essential. When there is panic and chaos, then crime and looting also rises. Law enforcement is needed so that all those other people in this picture can do their work.