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safe2116534 artist:howxu692 applejack196090 fluttershy251927 pinkie pie249910 rainbow dash272733 rarity212827 twilight sparkle349710 equestria girls249070 g41925714 axe2097 boxes247 cap6418 chibi17889 clipboard1711 clothes611085 comments locked down444 coronavirus884 covid-19819 cute256892 face mask970 featured image1166 female1738338 firefighter258 food stand59 graveyard of comments268 hat119377 helmet15286 humane five5572 humane six5134 lab coat2831 mask9727 nurse2695 nurse outfit1091 pants21294 police officer1013 police uniform760 post office317 raricop21 researcher9 scientist481 shoes56591 shorts18827 sitting88234 surgical mask242 text85390 weapon39988 worker29



vacant expression
In all seriousness, I agree. I like this picture very much. It’s very cute. I especially think it’s hilarious that Pinkie Pie’s crate literally just says, “Food!” although it might be even funnier if the word “heck” was censored as “h*ck”.
MoonGazer Lunarium

Luna Fanboy
Where’s the construction worker?  
We’re still considered essential in many states because we are the ones who repair all the damage after the riots……  
Background Pony #D799
And yes, police is also essential. When there is panic and chaos, then crime and looting also rises. Law enforcement is needed so that all those other people in this picture can do their work.