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the last of my older headcanons for the mane six!

its hard to tell with her, but ive given her signs of aging like the others, mostly the faded dapple markings, and the hair slightly greying — but i imagine rarity is most likely of the mane six to try and cover up any ageing signs anyway.
rarity is very much a charmer, but in terms of long term relationships, she never really had much luck. she found herself in a tricky situation, pregnant while the father was no where to be found.
a manager of her own business, and always very independent, rarity found it difficult to accept help from her friends in that difficult time. She believed that she HAD to keep her chin up, juggle 3 stores at once, keep working, keep trekking, don't you worry…..but of course, the most stubborn of them all, apple jack, wasnt just going to let her handle this by herself.
and this stupid stubborn horse with her big beefy arms and strong maternal instincts, even for a foal that wasn't hers, really made rarity fall in love.
they do eventually marry and she moves in with her on the farm, though she's often working at her stores than doing any chores.
they have 3 more kids, rarity carrying butterscotch, while AJ carried apple chip and mint chiffon.
Rarity has a very strong relationship with all of her kids, but Stitcher, her first foal, she arguably has the strongest. Being left in the dust by Stitcher's father, and the first few years it just being them together definitely gave them a strong bond. They're more like sisters than mother and daughter: very teasing, very fun, very supportive of each other.
her 2nd daughter, butterscotch, is very nervous and lacks the confidence she needs. She's AJ and Rarity's little baby, and theyd do anything for her. While AJ tries to instill confidence in her with some tough farm labour, kind words and responsibility, Rarity is quick to bring her out on shopping trips and find her outfits to really make her shine. butters isn't much into fashion, but she does appreciate the efforts and the sentiment rarity puts in to make her feel confident.
Apple Chip is much more rough, and always play fighting with AJ. he's pretty strong even when he's small, and nearly scares rarity half to death when he manages to tackle her wife to the ground. She's often on his case a bit for not taking care of his looks, and that honestly not everything's about muscles and lifting- but he takes after his mama aj, and rarity can't help but love him for it… and despite his rough side, they do like a good gossip session, with rarity supplying him with romantic advice as needed (he's dumb as a rock).
Mint is an absolute mama's baby. Though they don't have a great relationship with their mama aj, they're quick to go running to rarity for any reason for her backup. they're the kid that hits you in the playground, and then when you fight back they go crying to their mom and get them to tell you off. little shit.
AJ is much harsher on Mint, insisting that they need to show a bit more respect, do something with their life, get out of their room, get some sunshine — but Rarity always insists AJ is being too harsh. Mint's got plenty of time to figure things out. Leave them be.


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