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92, Uranium  
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Arthur Compton: The Italian navigator has landed in the New World.
James B. Conant: How were the natives?
Compton: Very friendly.
Behind Bon Bon is Chicago Pile-1, the first artificial nuclear reactor to reach criticality. The bottle at right is the Chianti that Eugene Wigner opened to celebrate the occasion, and a uranium glass is beside.
The choice of Bon Bon is a reference to her Secret Agent, mafia-like persona – Enrico Fermi led the CP-1 team.
SVG here.
safe1971361 artist:parclytaxel1449 bon bon17819 sweetie drops17819 earth pony361325 pony1323050 series:joycall6's periodic table135 lyra and bon bon and the mares from s.m.i.l.e.19 my little pony chapter books181 .svg available9530 absurd resolution71577 alcohol8854 bottle5161 chemistry402 chianti1 chicago pile-12 clothes559113 draw me like one of your french girls1498 enrico fermi1 female1602994 glass5883 lidded eyes39003 looking at you217016 manhattan project2 mare618161 necktie9115 on side8198 periodic table232 s.m.i.l.e.91 secret agent sweetie drops423 shirt32413 smiling331126 smirk15837 solo1268255 suit7607 uranium23 uranium glass2 vector84079 wine3108 wine glass1948


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