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So here's a sweetie belle tickling picture of rarity tickling her little sister's belly with a unique quill. When rarity and sweetie belle were having some sister time together. While they did some fun time with each other, rarity noticed that her sister was laughing about something funny. She saw how cute her laughter was and then decided to tickle her belly with the quill.

Rarity: tickles her coochie coochie coo~

Sweetie belle: laughs RARITY STAHAHAHAHAP!

Rarity: now darling, why would I stop when my sister as such an adorable laugh?
safe1637950 artist:luckreza8828 artist:princessdestiny200i46 rarity175815 sweetie belle47769 pony903684 unicorn294754 belle sisters213 eyes closed86090 eyeshadow14417 feather5556 female1303876 filly62797 glowing horn18214 horn55551 laughing7515 levitation11403 magic69664 makeup19732 mare449084 open mouth133193 siblings7435 simple background370250 sisters8138 sitting58951 telekinesis26194 tickle torture2279 tickling4443 white background91825


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hmm… excuse me can you added my tag because i see someone using my part like this

so please added credit to me :)