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When Trixie Lulamoon (better known by her stage name of ‘The Great & Powerful Trixie’) signed up to help put together the newest yearbook for Canterlot High, she initially thought it’d be a good way to both contribute something to the school and spend some time with her newest friends, Wallflower Blush. However, when she shows up to the yearbook lab that day after school, she is surprised and annoyed to discover that Wallflower is not there (having left earlier that afternoon for a doctor’s appointment) and standing in for her is a male student that Trixie knows all too well: her arch-rival and fellow stage magician Firestar, AKA ‘The Amazing & Mystical’ Firestar. For several years now, the two illusionists have been competing for the title of the best magician in all of Canterlot City and seem to get into an argument about something every time they come into contact with each other, no matter how petty the subject may be. Here, however, despite their collective displeasure of having to work together, the two actually manage to get a lot of work done without interacting too much, aside from occasionally casting irate glances at one another. However, when they decide to take a quick break, the duo end up getting into a debate over the authenticity of stage hypnosis. Firestar claims that he has been practicing hypnotism for a few months now and has gotten rather good at it, but Trixie insists that he’s bluffing and brushes off the idea of hypnosis as ‘some hacky, low-class party trick’. In response to this, Firestar bets that he can hypnotize Trixie into doing whatever he wants, adding that if it doesn’t work, he’ll give up stage magic all together and let the white-haired girl go on unrivaled for the rest of the year. Although she remains doubtful that she can be hypnotized, Trixie nonetheless accepts the challenge and sits herself down on a nearby stool, challenging Firestar to put her under his spell. The boy then pulls a gold pocket watch out of his shirt pocket and begins swinging it in front of Trixie’s eyes, telling the blue-skinned girl to just relax and keep her gaze locked on the watch…….

After a quick 10-minute induction, Firestar has successfully placed Trixie in a deep hypnotic trance. The white-haired girl’s mind is completely blank and open to all of her rival’s commands and suggestions. Stowing the watch back in his shirt pocket, Firestar looks down on his entranced arch-enemy (a devious smirk crossing his face) and tells her that when he snaps his fingers, she will get up from her seat and go tell everybody in the school that he is the greatest and most powerful magician in the school while she is a talentless nobody. Once the hypnotized Trixie agrees to these terms (referring to Firestar by his stage name as she does), the boy snaps his fingers and as instructed, Trixie hops off her stool and walks out the door, her arms stretched straight in front of her like a sleepwalker as she walks mindlessly down the hallway. As he watches his subject go follow her hypnotic programming, Firestar silently praises himself for his skill and begins to think more things he could make Trixie do while she’s under his control…….
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