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Meet Jackpot Star :3

Jackpot is a talented magic user and stage magician, who makes a living working out and preforming magic shows in Canterlot. Her shows are mostly put on for the high class and elite.

She is a very keen learner and is able to pick up and learn something very quickly. She has managed to create her own pets, the Star Bunnies. These are rabbits that she is able to create using magic and stars, which she likes to include in a lot of her shows.

Outside of performing, she is also a bit of a gambling mare too. She enjoys playing poker at the Canterlot casinos, and hasa pretty high win streak.
safe1586042 artist:missmay1 oc608788 oc only408919 oc:jackpot star4 pony856262 rabbit4540 unicorn273714 animal3525 book30771 bowtie8792 butt32348 card2653 clothes414493 female1188286 gloves17599 glowing horn16994 hat77192 horn47527 levitation10722 magic66532 magic wand497 magician outfit514 mare426729 markings1153 multicolored hair4456 one eye closed26040 playing card502 plot71488 raised hoof39404 reference sheet10679 shirt21678 solo982230 stars13841 suit5175 telekinesis24828 top hat3791 tuxedo1271 wink22045


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