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Never change Twilight.

Happy Twilight Sparkle Day everyone!
safe1585691 artist:dstears606 luster dawn1092 twilight sparkle283687 alicorn199408 pony855848 unicorn273516 a trivial pursuit1090 the last problem4381 4268 duo50543 duo female7953 female1185689 grin33382 hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy73 mare426553 messy mane7164 older23397 older twilight1177 princess twilight 2.01766 simple background348786 smiling217943 trivia trot39 twilight snapple1928 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116162 twilynanas118 underhoof46734 white background87170


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Sunburst and Flurry Heart are the only Ponies to challenge team Lustie and Princess Twi…meanwhile Starlight Glimmer just groans and face hooves in the background as this eternal battle over a small town trivia game controls so much of her husband and the ruler of all Equestria's time.
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Across the room, Sunburst stands poised above his bell with Flurry Heart mimicking Luster's embarrassment.

No other teams compete after too many other ponies ended up on the moon due obvious cheating, evidenced by scoring higher than Princess Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Trivia Trot.
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sTs trinity
@Background Pony #DD70
that number is more then just a reference, and not only that it's a reference to "hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy" movie, and could also mean that twilight represents unity for all intelligent beings, to give friendship to all that are willing to accept, also she has the number ever since she got her CM, it has 7 stars in total(even the white one behind it) and each is like a hexagram (meaning a 6 pointed star), and if you multiply 7 by 6, you'll get the same number as that there.
Background Pony #DD70
Easter Egg = The number 42 was her number in the "Running of the Leaves" episode from season one. Fall Weather Friends.