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Giant Twilight #49

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery!
safe1600139 artist:shieltar354 part of a set9796 twilight sparkle286070 pony868994 unicorn278882 comic:giant twilight57 comic102328 cute183542 dialogue60171 faic11539 female1272777 giant pony4297 giant twilight sparkle43 giantess3716 growth5102 horn49616 impossibly long tail172 jewelry53994 large butt13939 macro10115 magic67410 mare432611 necc304 necklace16073 part of a series2273 pony bigger than a planet430 pony bigger than a solar system42 pony bigger than a star60 pony heavier than a black hole20 signature20210 size difference12591 solo992054 space4688 stars14048 transformation9735 unicorn twilight14012


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6 comments posted
Background Pony #62F1
"Celestia, Twilight can't possibly get much bigger."
"NONSENSE!" (Horn glows)
"TIA NO!" (Twilight shoots past Galaxy size and is still growing)