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Giant Twilight #50

Looks like she's getting big enough to fill the space between stars. I hope she necklace'd all the quadrant's inhabited systems before this. Spoiler: she did : )
safe1587678 artist:shieltar352 part of a set9621 twilight sparkle283988 pony859615 unicorn274384 comic:giant twilight57 butt32648 comic101494 cute181449 dialogue59661 female1228128 giant pony4239 giant twilight sparkle40 giantess3663 growth5040 horn47810 impossibly long tail171 jewelry53158 large butt13687 macro9990 magic66629 mare427535 necklace15871 part of a series2221 pony bigger than a planet426 pony bigger than a solar system42 pony bigger than a star60 pony heavier than a black hole20 signature19708 size difference12391 solo983385 space4622 stars13863 the ass was fat12754 this train has no brakes19 transformation9585 twibutt4677 unicorn twilight13673


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40 comments posted
Background Pony #8B56
Shieltar must have alot of work this month cause its already almost halfway threw the month and we haven't gotten the new pages
Background Pony #AF9E
So big. So fat. So hungry.

All of reality shall vanish down the bottomless pit of her belly!
Background Pony #2460
@Background Pony #AF9E
Twilight's mom- "Why did you think sending her that spell was a good idea?!"
Celestia- "Uh… I wanted to see what it did?"
Twlight's mom- "You should've known what it did! It has a picture of a pony growing uncontrollably on the page!"
Celestia- "Uh… oops?"
Background Pony #2460
I want to see a scene of Celestia trying to explain this to Twilight's parents.

"So, I made your daughter cast a potent growth spell on herself and now she's big enough to fit in the space between stars. Oh and she's also still growing at this very moment."
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Background Pony #17CD
As an Elite Dangerous player, the shear size on display here makes me feel uncomfortable.
Background Pony #AF09
What is going on with her torso in that final panel. It's like she's a kangaroo suddenly.