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Name- Rainbow Dash
Age- 21
Gender- Female
Height- 5'4


This is my design of RD! I love how she turned out!

FUN FACT- RD has Albinism. She hated being mistaken for an old woman so she died her hair every color of the rainbow.

Note- She is only albino in the human world. In the pony world, she is born blue.
safe1587232 artist:unikitty6627 rainbow dash221006 human144473 albino298 alternate hairstyle24829 belly button68908 blue background4204 blushing178004 clothes415062 ear piercing22288 earring18397 eyebrow piercing753 female1220121 humanized95269 jewelry53129 midriff18263 pants12567 piercing35648 rainbow dash is not amused461 reference sheet10691 shoes31049 simple background349436 sneakers4701 solo983044 sweatpants274 tanktop6921 unamused14135 wristband3204


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