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Vignette was seeing it, but she certainly wasn’t believing it. In all her experience browsing through countless social media posts and spotting occasional oddities from across her network, none of that compared to the large young lady sitting across from her.

Without missing a beat or even making a mess, Rarity ate vigorously through her free lunch, though feast may be the more appropriate term here. Vignette had figured she was big eater just from the first sight of her. But to actually watch her empty out trays and bowls in real time still left her stunned. It was even harder to process just how big Rarity truly is after seeing some of her old pictures. In such a short amount of time, Rarity had gone from such a petite size to a massive blimp! But even after hearing Rarity explain how this even happened, Vignette just had more questions than answers.

Rather than racking her brain about it any further, she decides to move on with the purpose of meeting. “So Rarity, I’m sure you’re aware of the kind of message I wish for my branding to inspire… Be-“

“Be Yourself But Better,” Rarity casually said in between mouthfuls.

“Uh, yes. I do say that a lot, don’t I?” Vignette blushed. “Well, after that little incident with the parade last weekend, I realized that I haven’t exactly been following my own advice. I know I’ve already apologized to you and your friends, but I just wanted to say once again that I’m very sorry for putting everyone in danger.”

“Oh, believe me, darling. We’ve been through worse. And I’m sure you’ve learned from all this.”

“I have! I got a total wake-up call after #CancelVignette started trending and then when my follower count started dropping… Ugh! It was awful!” The young socialite sighed with exasperation.

Rarity rolled her eyes. “Oh, that must’ve been traumatic for you,” she replied sarcastically before taking a gulp of soda, trying to remember if she was ever this dramatic.

“Anyway,” Vignette breathed, “After everything, I decided to focus my time and energy on some projects that are more… local and smaller scale. Which is why you’re here!”

“Me?” It’s felt so long since she’s ever been associated with the words smaller scale, Rarity almost laughed.

Leaning in closer, Vignette continued. “You see, after seeing your designs from both before and after you started working here, as well as your active social media presence, I’m sensing a lot of potential. So, I want to offer you whole new opportunity… not just in designing, but also in modeling your own plus-sized fashion line!”

Rarity had to swallow hard to choke back her drink. “Oh, I see…” She paused to clear her throat. “I’m sorry, but I’m already doing freelance work from time to time, and-”

“And, this could be an opportunity for you to get your foot in the door. You gain more followers, maybe even some sponsors, and you can start getting your name out there!” Then, gesturing as if an invisible sign was up above, “Rarity: Plus-Sized Icon!” Vignette exclaimed. “Or how about Rarity Plus? That name hasn’t been taken yet, has it?”

“Well…” Rarity pondered. It’s always been something she’s hoped for, she just never expected an opportunity to open so soon, and so quickly too. “Look, Vignette. I like the sound that. In fact, I might even say love it! But-”

“I know you shouldn’t trust me so quickly after what I did, but I’m hoping at the very least we can discuss it. How does that sound…?”
suggestive130691 artist:neongothic165 rarity172250 vignette valencia648 equestria girls184892 bbw3993 belly25380 big belly9169 bingo wings1808 breasts248798 busty rarity11449 butt38209 cellphone2988 double chin1510 drink4460 eating8874 fat20345 fat boobs577 female1271208 food62947 huge belly2298 huge butt8562 impossibly large belly9364 impossibly large butt6515 large butt13911 morbidly obese7088 obese10527 phone5370 raritubby955 ssbbw1533 thighs9399 thunder thighs7014 weight gain3744


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The parade incident is referring to the events of Rollercoaster of Friendship.

And this specifically won’t become a series, but it will carry over towards future pics. I just left it ambiguous cause I couldn’t think of a better ending. 😅
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Vignette: O! M! G! I’ve seen some BBWs in my phone life, even some SSBBWs, but Rarity here? She’s a HMJSSSBBW! A Huge Massive Jumbo-Sized Super Sexy Big Beautiful Woman. Oh, I’m SO Tweeting this.