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Starlight Glimmer is going to be staying there for a quite a while, till she gets actually insane to be "institutionalized" forever >:3

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suggestive129927 artist:fetishsketches640 starlight glimmer44660 anthro234295 plantigrade anthro28068 asylum210 ballgag6584 barefoot25109 bondage30805 doodle2437 feet35758 female1230951 gag13234 lock274 looking at you148144 looking back50340 looking back at you11727 padded cell250 padlock519 soles3730 solo984039 solo female169161 spreader bar2064 straitjacket891 straps666 sweat23489 sweatdrop2777


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Background Pony #81BA
That >:3 face in description reminds me of Caroo, well because he uses it often and mostly if not always for stuff like this.