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You shall be stuck... in this Fluttershy's cuteness!

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Just a filthy version of the previous Twilight pic per some requests I've been getting. Hope you like it!
suggestive129469 artist:nudeknightart88 edit119391 twilight sparkle283466 alicorn199143 anthro233200 plantigrade anthro27822 barefoot24937 big feet159 book30731 bookshelf3152 breasts245117 dialogue59501 digital art13863 dirt623 dirty1663 dirty feet138 feet35533 feet on table152 female1181687 fetish35337 foot fetish6748 horn47299 library2913 looking at you147343 sitting55714 smiling217640 smiling at you1736 soles3689 solo980869 solo female168778 talking to viewer2140 text51892 toes5553 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116028 wings80861


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