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safe1600161 artist:kyotoleopard19 oc616488 oc only412541 oc:hellfire169 earth pony210708 pegasus252049 pony869039 bedroom eyes53907 coffee3615 coffee mug1143 crossed legs2851 digital art14492 earth pony oc4361 glass4182 holding2663 hoof hold7527 hooves16686 looking at you149720 male338436 mug3776 pillow16116 red eyes5375 simple background354378 sitting56585 solo992068 stallion95901 tail21575 underhoof47331 white background88686 wingless3532


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Hey how's he holding that cup?

В русскоязычном бронисообществе есть такой термин "копытокинез" (hoof+telekinesis)… Ну, а здесь я её просто сжимаю передними ногами.
In the Russian broni-community there is such a term — "kopytokinez" (hoof + telekinesis)…
A here I just squeeze her front legs.