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SVG here. This is a commission for Starponys87; my commission info can be found here.

Four alternate versions of this picture exist, all of which can be obtained from the same SVG:
>>2419442 (--bare)
>>2419445 (--folded)
>>2419446 (--altcolours)
>>2419447 (--sparkles)
safe1587266 artist:parclytaxel1235 oc609625 oc only409389 oc:princess skysparkle8 alicorn199778 pony857349 .svg available7612 absurd resolution63698 alicorn oc22748 celestia recolor4 commission55046 crown14570 female1217699 hoof shoes4334 horn47737 jewelry53131 mare427288 not celestia114 peytral2778 regalia16969 simple background349413 smiling218362 solo983041 spread wings48464 transparent background181263 vector71383 wings81537


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