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Shimmy Gain Drive Pt.2

Looks like Twilight is more than eager to help Sunset feel what it's like to be huge and wobbly.

As always
Every 3$ kofi coffee= 15lbs
5 at once, 15$= 100lbs

Thanks to everyone who's sent something so far! Appreciate it a lot!
suggestive129625 artist:graphenescloset651 sunset shimmer57510 twilight sparkle283719 pony856261 unicorn273714 series:shimmy gain drive12 belly25028 big belly8961 chubby12764 chubby shimmer21 dialogue59573 donut1820 duo50566 fat20173 food62169 force feeding768 incentive drive167 levitation10722 magic66532 offscreen character30149 slobset shimmer204 stuffed1481 telekinesis24828 weight gain3725 weight gain sequence554


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