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Commission by JadenKaiba
suggestive167386 artist:jadenkaiba87 king sombra15425 princess cadance36020 princess celestia103195 princess luna107283 twilight sparkle326927 human189280 a better ending for sombra20 absolute cleavage4516 ahegao28891 armor26737 belly dancer989 big breasts101795 breast squish2170 breasts329442 busty princess cadance3747 busty princess celestia11870 busty princess luna8241 busty twilight sparkle14025 cleavage39663 drool29082 female1554886 femsub12615 hanging breasts1473 harem1024 harem outfit377 humanized107957 it's good to be the king29 king sombra gets all the mares60 light skin4863 lunasub395 male441874 maledom6502 milf11301 mind control4025 open mouth187600 slave leia outfit150 subdance292 sublestia1046 submissive20739 sword13153 throne3612 tongue out123846 twisub1042 weapon35418


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Horrible(for my tastes at least) but really funny, since Sombra has know nothing but defeat in the show hahahaXD
I totally belive him imagining stuff like this~
Yeah its so funny to see sombra looking cool and badass and be a huge chick magnet in fanart and then in canon he’s like zephyr breeze if he just happened to have a bit of power.