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Here’s a picture that I’ve made of flurry heart tickling their parents by tying them up and attacking their hooves with feathers. She also put magic suppressors on their horns. Flurry heart used cadence’s own feathers to tickle her hooves and flurry heart used HER own feathers to tickle shining armors hooves. They both were laughing so hard and begging for mercy but she didn’t listen and kept torturing their hooves relentlessly. Flurry stuck her tongue out being so slick.


Shining armor: laughing FLURRY STAHAHAHAHAP, SWEETIE!

Flurry heart: giggles
safe1600003 artist:fantasia-bases27 artist:princessdestiny200i45 princess cadance30773 princess flurry heart6519 shining armor21876 alicorn202605 pony868863 unicorn278819 baby9796 bondage30992 crown14852 crystal empire2124 diaper12509 eyes closed82728 family4083 father and child524 father and daughter2295 feather5400 female1272640 filly60712 glowing horn17270 hoof tickling723 horn49575 horn ring5088 jewelry53974 laughing7311 levitation10889 magic67389 magic suppression3610 male338375 mare432508 mother and child1466 mother and daughter5265 open mouth127424 regalia17333 ring2446 rope10499 rope bondage3394 shiningcadance2388 shipping186196 stallion95867 story included8197 straight126173 telekinesis25133 tickle torture2231 tickling4352 tied up5228 tongue out93166 underhoof47316 unshorn fetlocks22064


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13 comments posted

This is cute, but also disturbing. How did Flurry Heart get her hooves on magic suppressors? And how does she knows what it does and how to put them on? It seems like she is very smart for her age.
Background Pony #5E49
There's something that makes me curious about this pic. We actually know that hooves on the show can be sensitive, but does that apply as well to shining armor's hooves? I mean they seem to be tough and hard… How could they be ticklish?
Background Pony #1AFA
Something tells me she's going to Diaper them and treat them like babies after she tickles them to the point of wetting themselves