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Here we see Joey Butterscotch (from Stable 10 in FOE) crushing Brassica, One of Fillydelphia's many lower ranking slavers under Red Eye.

'Derpibooru exclusive' by merit of it being unfinished and therefore never posted elsewhere.
suggestive143203 artist:facade312 derpibooru exclusive28422 oc685709 oc only449354 oc:brassica16 oc:joey butterscotch82 earth pony249405 fallout equestria17046 armor23787 butt59090 butt crush286 clothes460243 crushing675 fat22147 huge butt9876 impossibly large butt7185 large butt16800 morbidly obese7872 obese11579 pipbuck3507 simple background394045 sitting on306 sitting on person514 sitting on pony446 vault suit3535 weapon30531 white background98062


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