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More rhyming. Totally forgot about this one. Been sitting in my binder for several years.

1. Sphere-ilee
2. Rearilee
3. Puppeteerilee
4. Mutineerilee
5. Souvinerilee
6. Cashierilee

Part 1: Here
Part 2: Here
Part 3: Here
Part 4: You're here.
safe1689473 artist:philo540 big macintosh28050 cheerilee9909 diamond tiara10161 princess celestia94290 silver spoon6485 alicorn221234 earth pony242359 pony951150 blade221 bondage33187 bowtie9964 bubble5088 butt55988 cash register220 dance puppets dance13 eyes closed91511 figurine1553 flowerbutt275 grin37641 hoof over mouth248 horn64090 horn ring5492 magic suppression3845 mutiny4 puppet556 puppet strings55 puppeteer32 ring3123 rope11322 rope bondage3913 smiling243481 souvenir11 sphere75 tied up5754 waving2905 wide eyes16908


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