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Thankfully, gathering the oil and blackpowder was easy, but she thinks the logistics might be a bit harder. She certainly can’t carry this all in one trip. She could do it in multiple trips, but considering how secretive she is trying to be multiple trips may be a bad idea. It would also be bad if the guards figured out she is not in her room. That, and possibly to the general store below it.
Just bringing what she could carry would probably not be enough to destroy her. At least she doesn’t think. She can’t say she knows too much about explosives.
If she could find a cart she could load it all up, but she doubts she can sneak around if she has to drag a wagon with her. That, and she she hadn’t thought about looking out for carts, and now she can’t recall if she saw one. She is sure if she looked she could find one though.
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