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Mulberry really wants to take the whole lot over. She isn’t sure how much she’ll need to deal a mortal wound to Begonia. She is after all, quite large. There are about 10 cans of lantern oil, two gallons in each. As for fireworks there are about 10 or so rockets, and about 6 boxes of small fireworks, so a small to medium sized wagon is all she’ll need.
Mulberry sighs and wishes she had some sort of magical way to do this. She thinks about the runes again, and wonders what she could do about that. If she could cast magic this may be easier. Or maybe not. She doesn’t really know honestly, having no knowledge of casting herself.
Mulberry creeps over to the general store windows, and seeing that there is no one around she creeps out the door. She isn’t even quite sure where to start looking for a cart.
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