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suggestive188616 artist:wsache202024 oc935961 oc:jade sapphire7 earth pony437510 horse4422 human240625 pony1581345 bed56725 clothes625269 draft horse118 female1780190 female on top975 french kiss3681 hoers4590 human lips28 human male8558 humansub117 interspecies31219 jewelry110639 kissing32115 larger female1449 lying down44594 lying on top of someone568 male542721 malesub7414 mare727635 mare on human male156 necklace31782 pony on human action1328 size difference20853 smaller male1519 socks93880 stockings47662 straight176473 submissive22942 thigh highs58150 unshorn fetlocks45112


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Background Pony #C8DA
you made me look back up at this cursed-ass image to check if there was lipstick on rarity here or not
also, srsly… is there “the ponies as actual horses” art out there that isn’t totally fuckin weird?
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I think she knows exactly what she’s doing. She has him cradled. She’s comfortably heavy enough to keep right where she wants him without hurting him, but he can’t just get away either. She’s got the advantage. She wants to keep making out. With a tongue that big, I’d image she’s gunna go all the way into his mouth sucking his face completely. He’s loving it. She’s really loving it. What a lucky guy!
Background Pony #AF29
Twelve hours ago? I distinctly remember this mare and this image from at least a year ago…
The image was uploaded to e621 around 7 years ago, so you probably have seen it.
Background Pony #D4EE
Twelve hours ago? I distinctly remember this mare and this image from at least a year ago…
Background Pony #3C8A
On one hand, she is gorgeous. On the other, she gets on top and you’ll be suffocated!