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Hey everyone^^
Due to a story that a good friend of mine and I am working on, we decided to give Spitfire and Rainbow Dash some attention. We had the idea of letting them have dinner at a fancy restaurant, finishing the noble dinner with a nice dessert including Vanilla Ice Cream with warm fresh Raspberry sauce. In Germany it’s called “Heiße Liebe” (or “Hot Love” in English). Pretty quickly, my friend came up with an image idea for a suggestive scene between those two love birds. This is the result :P
I wanted to show how hot the situation is at this very moment so the ice cream is melting. The only thing that counts now is their love and passion, the physical intimicy, everything surrounding them is not important and will be blocked out. Though Rainbow is doing her part, Spitfire does not disappoint with her well-shaped body and natural beauty, she is leading the situation just like she is leading the Wonderbolts since her strong, confident nature is everything she needs to dominate. I like this about her and wanted to portray Spitfire in her expression. Just look at her passionate way of looking at Rainbow Dash, her beautiful brown eyes…
This explicit scene is the result of our story and took me some time to bring across. I really hope you like this outcome just as much~
Time: About 3 1/2 Hours
explicit388783 artist:lucilustrations43 rainbow dash249234 spitfire14188 pegasus355482 pony1204066 blushing221539 couple6197 crotchboobs23684 cunnilingus10562 digital art23164 drool27738 drool stain11 female1499606 food79715 ice cream5458 lesbian103701 licking22500 mare556155 melting788 nipples192446 nudity418952 oral53888 pride flag2010 raspberry1117 salivating2092 sex137162 shipping218071 spitdash457 sweat30396 sweatdrop3952 teats8638 tongue out118201 vagina51359 vaginal secretions43676 vulva145991


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