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I didn’t even notice Pinkie was dressed as an alicorn.

safe2118545 screencap287233 applejack196195 pinkie pie250048 rainbow dash272900 rarity212941 twilight sparkle349887 alicorn302830 earth pony423481 pegasus471662 pony1479681 unicorn512742 g41930813 magical mystery cure2852 female1740079 hat119603 hub logo10296 logo5897 mare703534 party hat3440 partycorn26 the hub2979 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146062


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Background Pony #B82F
Party… cap… horn.  
By Luna’s moon this is why Pinkie Pie is amazing pony.
Background Pony #E9BC
How could I’ve missed this?! I for one welcome our new party alicorn princess :D