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Patreon reward for :iconOcti-Fan:. Looks like Octavia and Vinyl are ready for the concert. This drawing is inspired by a piece that
This Saturday October 3rd starting at 5:30pm Pacific I'll be streaming on Picarto Picarto Icon . This stream will be effectively my birthday stream since it's at the beginning of the month. So join me for an evening of art, stories, D&D report, and some really great folks as I celebrate another free trip around the sun. See you there!

I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at Patreon Patreon (2017, square) Icon mini
suggestive132506 artist:baron engel1853 dj pon-328378 octavia melody22922 vinyl scratch28381 earth pony215489 unicorn284715 anthro239896 unguligrade anthro44375 breasts253867 choker10263 clothes425430 evening gloves7804 female1285005 glasses off302 gloves18202 leotard4299 long gloves4966 looking at you152337 mare438982 pencil drawing7471 sitting57433 socks59562 thigh highs30436 traditional art111109


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