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safe1881546 artist:maren875 sunset shimmer69478 equestria girls224174 blushing224577 boob boop16 breasts319601 cute223124 delicious flat chest5767 female1519261 implied breast expansion175 puberty74 shimmerbetes4706 simple background464711 solo1197447 squishy2958 sunflat shimmer110 touch431 white background118233 younger19101


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Background Pony #C600
I was thinking that the piece is implying that Sunset is trans and going through HRT.
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I don’t think this is an implied breast expansion tag, considering Maren’s tweets before this drawing I think he just wanted to make it seem as if Sunset is just naturally checking if her breasts are growing like a teenager would, not artificially like in the breast expansion tag.
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A waste of biomatter
Must have been Sunset a few months after she came out of the portal and not long after she realized how much of source of Power big Tiddys are.  
Fortunately it seems her new body is growing her a fine pair soon.