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When she was the Princess of the Sun, Celestia had to get up even on her off days and raise the sun. So I could imagine her stumbling out of bed. Wandering over to a window in her bedroom. Make some lazy random hand gesture as her horn began to glow. Then the Princess of Bedhead yawns and makes her way back to bed.
suggestive164948 artist:baron engel2308 princess celestia102261 alicorn260484 anthro299614 unguligrade anthro55729 ass63069 butt148771 clothes532769 female1535214 mare577271 monochrome159985 panties55475 pencil drawing9252 plushie26926 solo1209586 sunbutt4731 traditional art127478 underwear67936


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Who else wishes they were waiting at her bed, to help comb that lush mane and tail into a more presentable state?