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Fashionably early to the anniversary again. Here's my entry for the anniversary event.

"It's been a week for anniversaries, hasn't it? To celebrate the 10th anniversary of MLP:FIM, I decided to make another drawing like I have been doing since 2017. It's another gathering of characters with my OC, though we do have 2 new faces joining in.
It's really hard to believe it's been a decade. I was still in middle school when it premiered (specifically the 8th grade), and didn't officially start watching the show until 2014, and partake in fandom activities until roughly a year later. It was a very bumpy road, and I will admit the fandom hasn't exactly been the best in recent years, but I have met some amazing people and even ones I would consider close friends. We were all united over a silly little cartoon about taking horses and other magical creatures meant to sell toys, but we turned it into an experience unlike any other.
Who knows what the future holds? Maybe G5 will continue the magic, but we'll have to see. Until then, happy 10th birthday, MLP:FIM! It's been quite the ride."
safe1707507 artist:supahdonarudo392 captain celaeno1141 fleur-de-lis3652 gilda9631 minuette5844 princess celestia95079 queen novo1375 sweetie belle49059 tree hugger2827 yona5106 oc685315 oc:ironyoshi85 alicorn224667 classical hippogriff4963 earth pony249182 griffon27083 hippogriff9735 parrot pirates417 unicorn323894 yak4610 mlp fim's tenth anniversary582 my little pony: the movie19050 bow28669 clothes460036 ear piercing26336 earring21166 glass4677 happy birthday mlp:fim1304 hat86938 hoof on chin551 jewelry63799 monkey swings1308 piercing41177 pirate2437 pirate hat561 raised hoof45697 shirt24949 simple background393847 transparent background202517 wine glass1483


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