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Kirin Fluttershy. :)
I wanna do more race changing. It’s fun thinking of what they’d look like.

safe2118931 artist:symbianl452 fluttershy252092 kirin14536 g41930951 :36558 blushing261774 cloud41656 cloven hooves15580 colored eartips270 cute257319 female1740504 floppy ears70408 grass14580 grass field1374 hoof fluff2984 kirin fluttershy58 kirin-ified1000 kirinbetes312 leonine tail13198 neck fluff1345 outdoors19782 raised hoof66630 scenery10110 shyabetes18642 sitting88411 sky21950 smiling377226 solo1382533 species swap25827 stray strand639 tail fluff369 three quarter view2740 weapons-grade cute4556 windswept mane3527


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Background Pony #29EE
The founder used to work with the Chinese military’s intelligence department. Given China’s governmental practices, a boatload of assumptions, heresy, and political drama unfolded. I wish tech and politics could just stay a million miles apart.
But yeah “Kirin chips” congrats for getting the joke hehe