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safe1945657 artist:peachiekeenie336 discord34509 grogar (g1)267 king sombra15724 lord tirek5802 nightmare moon18747 princess celestia104141 princess luna108295 queen chrysalis38727 oc:fausticorn1620 alicorn269690 centaur4094 changeling57617 changeling queen20817 draconequus16492 pony1295397 sheep2050 unicorn433646 taur1618 g116687 g46544 fanfic10938 female1578998 lauren faust1800 male450445 mare603770 ram793 royal sisters5508 siblings14341 sisters12541 stallion145515


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Background Pony #3417
Some know him as “Tirek: King of Death and Darkness”, but we call him Craig.

lalalalalala: Heaadcanooooooooooooooooooooooooon
Now seriosuly,i think I like the idea of Grogar doing something like this.