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safe1705916 artist:drizziedoodles403 angel bunny9834 applejack169862 fluttershy212607 pinkie pie216170 rainbow dash233904 rarity181791 spike78760 starlight glimmer48643 sunset shimmer62994 twilight sparkle300292 alicorn224350 dragon56255 earth pony248580 pegasus291589 pony967103 rabbit5296 unicorn323082 mlp fim's tenth anniversary582 equestria girls200344 animal4338 cheek fluff5550 chest fluff39119 cuddle puddle303 cuddling8382 eyes closed93473 female1362598 frog (hoof)12954 happy birthday mlp:fim1304 high res29473 hoof fluff1769 male372474 mane seven6509 mane six31894 mare480294 older26697 older applejack749 older fluttershy703 older mane seven242 older mane six360 older pinkie pie709 older rainbow dash832 older rarity699 older spike5268 older starlight glimmer184 older sunset56 older twilight1665 pony pile742 sleeping23436 straight136344 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123639 underhoof52073


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My heart did a somersault when I saw Spike and Rarity's tails entwined. Yes, I've read the comments and I'm aware others have spotted this adorable detail, as well.

Happy 10th anniversary to FIM!
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Ahh! I missed the hat! Good attention to detail. I was thinking since they were older the hat wa hung up cause we didn’t see AJ wear it in the epilogue. Very sweet of you to include it here.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

> Dash is holding AJs arm
> Spike’s tail is wrapped around Rarity’s tail

Subtle shipping, I’m probably the only one to notice these. Very nice touch.

They all deserve a sleep after the grand adventure they’ve been on.
ALSO, anyone else spot that rarity and spike have their tails wrapped around each other’s, after 10 years that ship ship still holds strong