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safe1692158 alternate version44233 artist:drizziedoodles403 angel bunny9793 applejack168713 fluttershy211243 pinkie pie214881 rainbow dash232402 rarity180594 spike78305 starlight glimmer48231 sunset shimmer62408 twilight sparkle298403 alicorn221570 dragon55433 earth pony243434 pegasus286350 pony954262 rabbit5221 unicorn317329 mlp fim's tenth anniversary581 animal4253 cheek fluff5438 chest fluff38333 cuddle puddle302 cuddling8300 cute197739 ear fluff28933 eyes closed91924 female1350087 frog (hoof)12662 happy birthday mlp:fim1304 high res27249 hoof fluff1679 leg fluff2980 male368038 mane seven6473 mane six31713 mare473961 older26332 older applejack734 older fluttershy690 older mane seven237 older mane six354 older pinkie pie697 older rainbow dash809 older rarity683 older spike5210 older starlight glimmer180 older sunset55 older twilight1605 pony pile736 sleeping23262 textless399 underhoof51458


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

> Dash is holding AJs arm
> Spike’s tail is wrapped around Rarity’s tail

Subtle shipping, I’m probably the only one to notice these. Very nice touch.