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safe1614439 artist:jargon scott2196 artist:tjpones3389 edit122990 princess cadance31058 princess flurry heart6634 queen chrysalis33373 shining armor22073 alicorn205804 changeling42927 changeling queen13850 pony881969 unicorn284752 :d1042 apron3959 bipedal31693 cadance is not amused90 chalice52 clothes425469 comic103262 cute186052 cutealis2097 father and child592 father and daughter2357 female1285080 flurrybetes877 food64198 glasses56715 housewife218 husband and wife1344 implied infidelity325 implied shining chrysalis31 implied shipping4555 implied straight5185 like father like daughter49 like parent like child355 macaroni35 male343399 mare439009 mother and child1611 mother and daughter5391 naked apron922 necktie6565 nerd863 nerdy heart67 older24319 older flurry heart1186 oven mitts185 pasta386 sharp teeth3317 shining adorable523 smiling224294 stallion97687 sweater13472 teeth8092 unamused14607


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@Background Pony #B6CF
>"And as for you, Shiny. You're not gonna do anything about this?"
>"Cade, sweetiebuns, there are unspoken rules and laws against kicking someone who just wants delicious pasta."
>"And what would those be?"
>"Haven't you heard of the Law of Spaghet, established February 10th, 1939 by the wise Terra Tunes?"
>"…Did you get all that from that book you got me last Hearths Warming? I thought that was a joke book!"
>"Ah yes, Terra Tunes. A.K.A. the Warrior of Golden Locks. Big fan of the changes he's made in society."
>"Oh! I like the part where he fought valiantly against the Three Greater Kuma in order to protect our wheat."
>"See, honey? They've read it, albeit, Flurry read the manga adaptation of it."
>"I'm an o-TACK-oo!"
>"You sure are sweetie. You sure are."
Background Pony #B6CF
>"Chrysalis, why are you even here? You don't eat food. You eat love."
>"I'll have you know that Changelings are connoisseurs when it comes to canned pasta products!"
>"These aren't canned."
>"I never dreamed such a thing could exist!"
>"I can't decide whether you're trolling."
>"And they are all shaped like Spongebob Squarepants! How delightful!"
>"You're genuinely impressed by this."
>"Aren't you?"
>"They come in a box, you know."
>"Truly, this is an age of miracles."
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Happy Derpy! -

Chrysalis: I have no idea what it is, but I love feeling like I'm part of the family! I also love making life harder for Cadance! Spongebob Macaroni!
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Mi Amore Cadenza: "Chrysalis, you only want them because I would make them out of love for my Family. Why can´t you be sastisfied with the Food I prepare with love."
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