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10 years of Honesty, Kindness or Kindness, Generosity, Laughter, Loyalty and Magic

Today we celebrate 10 years of My Little Pony: Generation 4 (G4)

#mylittlepony #mlpfriendshipismagic #equestriagirls #mlpequestriagirls #mlpeqg
safe1708781 artist:andoanimalia860 artist:mistergumballof1 edit132751 edited screencap65362 screencap222511 apple bloom49631 applejack170108 auburn vision272 aunt holiday302 auntie lofty274 babs seed5770 berry blend477 berry bliss479 blues1013 capper dapperpaws1591 captain celaeno1143 caramel2504 cheerilee9986 cherry cola512 cherry fizzy571 citrine spark414 clever musings169 cozy glow7420 derpy hooves50193 discord31006 fire quacker413 fluttershy212906 gallus6743 grogar1111 grubber845 huckleberry375 king sombra13908 lord tirek5310 lyra heartstrings29577 mane allgood268 meadow song590 minuette5847 nightmare moon16944 noteworthy1012 november rain580 ocellus5307 peppermint goldylinks475 pinkie pie216418 pony of shadows486 princess cadance32505 queen chrysalis34833 queen novo1377 rainbow dash234193 rarity182065 sandbar5463 sci-twi24319 scootaloo51303 shining armor23197 silverstream6144 slate sentiments117 smolder7959 snap shutter281 songbird serenade1218 spike78860 starlight glimmer48717 storm king1187 strawberry scoop234 sugar maple144 summer breeze235 summer meadow180 sunset shimmer63134 sweetie belle49080 tempest shadow16802 twilight sparkle300620 twinkleshine2266 twist2872 yona5108 alicorn224904 changedling8397 changeling47757 draconequus11771 dragon56440 earth pony249606 griffon27101 hippogriff9746 pegasus292689 pony969881 unicorn324400 yak4612 mlp fim's tenth anniversary582 a canterlot wedding2855 equestria girls200796 equestria girls (movie)7179 equestria girls series33081 my little pony: the movie19057 school daze2786 the last crusade854 the last problem5827 10115 applejack's hat7378 boots22082 bracelet9445 clothes460449 converse5674 cowboy boots1531 cowboy hat15922 denim skirt1495 duckery in the comments132 friendship always wins41 friendship student1700 geode of empathy3085 geode of fauna1838 geode of shielding2211 geode of sugar bombs2058 geode of super speed2460 geode of super strength2166 geode of telekinesis2939 glasses62034 hairpin1747 happy birthday mlp:fim1304 hat87019 helping twilight win the crown406 high heels11246 hoodie14185 humane five3407 humane seven2531 humane six3234 jacket12554 jewelry63906 leather1118 leather jacket3260 love is in bloom28 magical geodes8869 meta16614 my little pony logo3807 ponytail17937 rarity peplum dress950 sandals4279 school of friendship1249 shoes36835 skirt39838 student six1629 tanktop7710 the magic of friendship grows98 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123793 twitter3221 wall of tags3085 winged spike8388


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