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translation:rushed towards shy the moment the show was over  
A flutterdash request from my friend
dead source34456 safe1973816 artist:yaco329 fleetfoot2433 fluttershy238429 rainbow dash259578 soarin'15155 spitfire14673 pegasus407789 pony1325995 :i1816 bipedal43846 blushing239053 chinese3693 clothes560211 expressions1148 eyes closed120974 female1605597 flag4867 flutterdash5078 french kiss3130 glomp480 goggles16496 grin53095 hoof hold10907 hug33616 kiss on the lips4347 kissing28926 lesbian108613 lesbian in front of boys427 male460712 mare619523 open mouth198238 question mark5753 raised hoof59968 shipper on deck1544 shipping230036 simple background502907 smiling331884 spread wings75613 stallion150610 starry eyes4369 surprise kiss1055 surprised11300 translated in the comments3114 uniform13655 white background130642 wingboner9099 wingding eyes30380 wings175588 wonderbolts4068 wonderbolts uniform6696


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