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thinking about the nextgen horses I designed before college.. possibly gonna make tweaks but I am fine with them  
sorry for the transition lack  
and yes have some like mother like daughter stuff
dead source34455 safe1973790 artist:yaco329 oc837854 oc only615385 oc:viola harmony11 pony1325975 unicorn447507 chinese3693 female1605576 horn117647 magical lesbian spawn14555 mare619517 offspring46697 parent:octavia melody339 parent:vinyl scratch473 parents:scratchtavia211 reference sheet16119 simple background502899 solo1270182 translated in the comments3114 unicorn oc22623 white background130638


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-Feels anxious about being short
-Rare self-disciplined pony (can get up at 5AM)
-Be strict to herself, sometimes drives herself mad
-Particular about tea
-Dislikes other ponies calling her viola
-Loves puns
-Has grade 8 certificate of etiquette and innuendo, at the same time (in a similar way, violin and bass)