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Originally posted on: January 6, 2019, 6:38 AM UTC
OC: Shadow of the Music
_Her magic aura color is the same of her eyes colors.
- — -

Finally, the ref. sheet for my firsto pony OC!
Redesing by one of my best friend, QueenPigPinku <33
Now, I can do ref. sheets comms, son I'll add to my journal, wait for it u.



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Art and character by SilentWolf-Oficial
safe1703767 artist:silentwolf-oficial412 oc683000 oc only447823 alicorn223986 bat pony49666 bat pony alicorn2041 pony965076 bat wings9286 collar33045 colored hooves5899 ethereal mane7936 eyes closed93229 floral head wreath2039 flower25570 glasses61780 horn66817 raised hoof45508 reference sheet12519 simple background392487 starry mane4159 transparent background201930 wings106881


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