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It's been already 1 year since the book has been closed, but we will never forget these wonderful moments after all these years of friendship. Happy late 10th-anniversary FiM
safe1641168 artist:kaylerustone27 spike76709 twilight sparkle291985 dragon52267 unicorn296213 mlp fim's tenth anniversary575 book32048 bookshelf3355 carrying2105 duo54852 glowing horn18274 happy birthday mlp:fim1304 high res24163 horn56112 hourglass338 library3085 magic69837 one hoof raised992 open mouth133791 raised hoof42174 stack80 telekinesis26269 that pony sure does love books1106 twilight's canterlot home188 unicorn twilight15414


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Background Pony #701C
Spike: "How can I make Twilight no longer like books?"
(evil laughter)
TW: "Thank you for getting me this book, Spike. I've never heard of I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream but it sounds interesting."
S: "You're welcome."
Twilight was horrified and was far less obsessed with books after