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safe1900715 artist:squipycheetah301 part of a set16879 starlight glimmer53602 pony1248291 unicorn411840 mlp fim's tenth anniversary590 the cutie map4245 the cutie re-mark3337 the last problem6879 angry31116 blue background7062 clothes533696 equal cutie mark1565 eyes closed113292 female1537603 filly79712 filly starlight glimmer642 floppy ears61237 hair tie1133 happy36280 happy birthday mlp:fim1432 hoof on chest1006 looking back69410 looking down11099 marching98 mare578685 multeity2596 older32397 older starlight glimmer210 pigtails5379 raised hoof56534 s5 starlight2167 sad27470 self paradox2202 self ponidox9171 simple background472991 sitting74358 smiling309653 solo1211688 starlight cluster101 time paradox529 white background121126 younger19386


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