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Relationships can be difficult around Halloween.
safe1724950 artist:witchtaunter475 bon bon16535 lyra heartstrings29825 sweetie drops16534 alicorn228082 earth pony255808 pony985272 bat wings9622 body horror1405 bon bon is not amused1054 chest fluff39968 cthulhu188 cthulhu mythos147 cthulyra8 cute202588 ear fluff30275 eldritch abomination866 female1379509 floppy ears53121 gradient background12936 halloween8223 holiday20291 hug28660 kissing24974 l.u.l.s.204 lesbian97973 lyrabetes1404 lyrabon3377 not salmon2446 shipping202508 species swap20109 tentacles11919 unamused16458 wat19341 wings110960


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No joke, I once fell asleep to a reading of some more familiar Lovecraft stories on YouTube. Because it was a playlist, it then cycled through some less familiar ones while I was sleeping. By the time I was starting to wake up, it was deep into The Curse of Yig, which I didn't even know of at the time. It made for some weird last-minute dreams just before waking up.

oh nice. and as a member of the cult. we approve this of this artist, we'll see if he'll spare you once his time comes and the stars align….not gonna lie though he's probably just gonna swallow your soul…MAY HIS REIGN BE LONG AND TERIIBLE.