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Fluttersitting continues XD
suggestive143196 artist:rozyfly1087 applejack170097 fluttershy212888 earth pony249533 pegasus292595 apple family member2856 applebutt4350 appledom186 appleshy1218 ass49228 barn3175 butt59153 dominatrix2335 eyes closed93756 faceful of ass1192 facesitting3346 female1365094 femdom8144 femsub10770 flutterseat254 fluttersub376 lesbian97116 looking down8882 lucky girl95 prize on the eyes615 shipping200494 sitting63379 sitting on305 sitting on person513 sitting on pony445 smiling249086 submissive16686 sweet apple acres2969 text59644 the ass was fat13848 these aren't my glasses479


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Brass Melody
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

Gas Loving Banana Boy
I wonder who will end up being luckier? Big Macintosh for getting such a willing and comfy seat or Fluttershy for getting that intimately acquainted with such massive stallion globes?